God Help Us, Tebowmania is Here!


In 90 minutes, the New York Jets will play the Miami Dolphins. Now, usually, if this year’s Dolphin team was playing football in my backyard, I would close my blinds (and I’m a fan!). But tonight, I hope the game never ends.

When the fourth quarter ends tonight, it will end the sixth week of the NFL season and all eyes will be on Week 7… and I’m not sure if you’ve heard yet, but there’s this guy named Tim Tebow… and he’s been named the Denver Broncos starting quarterbackand God help us, Tebowmania is upon us.

I can see it now.


Tuesday’s News: (ESPN reports) Today Tim Tebow ran to the grocery store. Analysts say his cash-to-cashier delivery was a little slow, but teammates say he just has a “passion to shop.”

Wednesday’s News : (USA Today Front Page) Tim Tebow quoted as saying “I’m just trying to get better every week, work hard in practice, go out and execute the game plan and try to avoid making mistakes, you know, just try to go out there and make the next right decision…”

Thursday’s News: (ABC Evening News Headline Story) Tim Tebow completes practice, spends an additional five hours watching film at the team’s facility and still makes it home in time to prepare meal for an 11 year-old orphan in local neighborhood.

Friday’s News: (NBC cuts into previously scheduled programming to bring special address to nation) Tim Tebow declares that he doesn’t feel any added pressure. “It’s just another game, you know, I’m just going to go out there with the same enthusiasm that I’ve tried to play with since I was a boy.”

Saturday’s News: (Civilians gather across the country to hold overnight vigil in honor of Tebow’s first start) Every network and publication reads the same: “Tebowmania is here!”

Sunday: (Across the World) The world will never be the same… or maybe, if we’re lucky, we can go back to living our lives.


I’m going to HATE Tebowmania because I hate can’t stand Tim Tebow. The worst part about Tim Tebow, with all the scrutiny he’s been under and with all the coverage he’s been given for the last six years, is that I can’t identify one single legitimate reason to NOT like him.

It aggravates me that he seems to force a Jesus statement into any interview but I’ll give him this, he’s as consistent in his post-loss interviews as he was after his National Championships.

It aggravates me that he is such an attention-magnet but every teammate he’s ever had seems to love him.

It aggravates me that every day brings a new series of Tebow interviews that sound suspiciously the same but WE’RE the ones still sticking microphones in his face!

It aggravates me that people seem to have such an extremist, over-the-top reaction (from one side or the other) to Tebow’s every move – there is no but.

Dan Le Betard wrote an amazing article (“An Unfair Cross to Bear”) detailing and unpacking the unprecedented hype (and counter-hype) surrounding Tebow. BOTTOM LINE: Tebow has become an icon for both Evangelical Christianity and College Football – has there ever been any two things that make humans react in such irrational behavior as our religion and our College Football (our other religion)??

On Sunday afternoon, the Dolphins will play the Broncos and Tim Tebow will return to his role as a starting quarterback – a second-coming for sure.

Three hours later TebowNation, and TebowHaterNation will either feel elated and crushed, or vice versa. And we’ll argue about whether he’s a god or a devil, whether he’s a bust or a superstar, whether he’s the best or the worst – and we’ll both be hyperbolously wrong.

I just can’t wait for it to be over.