Everything Right with Sports

I’m still angry, and I’m tired.

I’m tired of hearing billionaires arguing with millionaires over money. (see NBA Lockout)

I’m tired of hearing Penn State (Joe Paterno’s) legal defense of an ethical wrong. ( A Response to Penn State)

I’m tired of holdouts, and hold-ups, premature celebrations and prolonged press conferences. I’m tired, and I’m still angry.

I love sports, probably more than anybody you know. But, man, it’s hard to feel like professional sports (NCAA = semi-professional) aren’t going to hell hades in a hand basket and taking our money with ‘em.

Which is why it’s so nice to be reminded of everything right about sports.

Justice, grace, passion, love, acceptance, equality, joy, touchdowns! Everything right with sports.

God bless all those teachers, coaches, volunteers who do everything they can to create everything that’s right about sports, and the American teenager. God bless the teenage spirit and all the potential that it holds inside itself. God bless Justin Weisner and the community around him, Amen.