Rev. Dr. Sheila Harvey Guillaume and Lynn Jones Talk 3 Great Loves!

In this episode, Rev. Dr. Sheila Harvey Guillaume and Lynn Jones talk about the initiative to engage the churches of Florida Conference in EMBRACING the ministries of their church that embody the loves of Creation, Neighbor, and Children – and offer simple ways to initiate or “spread the love!”

Need Help?? Your FL Conference “3 Great Loves Ambassadors” are here for you!! Call or email anytime!!

  • Eastern Region: Rev. Dr. Sheila Harvey Guillaume (Union Congregational, West Palm Beach)…860-716-4576 OR
  • Western Region: Lynn Jones (First Congregational, Sarasota)…610-360-7179 OR

Uriel Zelaya-Perez Talks CIW and AFF!

This month’s “Hey! We Gotta Talk…” features a conversation with Uriel Zelaya-Perez.
Uriel is the National Faith Co-Coordinator for the Alliance of Fair Food (AFF) in Immokalee, FL. Uriel will share about an upcoming mission opportunity with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, the AFF, and what he has come to love about the Florida Conference!

Andy Bachmann Talks Process

We know. Every church is called to it’s own decisions. But actions within a church can be divisive if not simply exhaustive. Andy Bachmann shares experiences that suggest the fruits of ministry can be as much (if not MORE) in HOW we do things than even WHAT we as churches decide to do. Results aside, Andy reminds us that good PROCESS can not only protect and preserve ourselves as leaders but can also be the foundation and embodiment of healthy and vital churches.