What I Wanna Be When I Grow Up

I’m living out what I always wanted to be when I grew up.

I wanted to be a person who worked to empower students and liberate adults to be able to empower even more students.

Even though I haven’t grown up yet – sorry mom – I’m thankful every day that I have the opportunity to do the only thing my dad ever asked me to do: get paid to do what I would love to do for free.

Yesterday, at the United Church of Christ’s National Youth Event, I had the opportunity to lead a workshop based on a book proposal I am writing: “Becoming a 21st Century Youth Whisperer – Everything I needed to know about youth ministry, I learned from the Dog Whisperer”.

I learned more about youth ministry while researching how to “fix” my Roxy, then I did in years of seminars, retreats and workshops.

Roxy has been rehabilitated, and I have been “Saved”

It was rejuvenating to be amongst over 100 youth ministers, volunteers, and parents who are eager to reach and serve the next generation.


Late last night, I found out that I’ve got the SECOND best job on the planet.

Check this guy out – DISCLAIMER – you will not be able to see his feet move like Gregory Hines, his face sweat like Michael Jordan, and you probably will not be able to distinguish his black velvet shirt (although if you stop watching the video before he takes off his jacket, you’ve missed the point) and you probably won’t see him jump/dance/cue the band like a magician, but, still, you oughtta be able to see why this is my new hero.

I will put his picture on my mirror so that everyday I look for me, I will see him. And on the day I look at him, and see me,… LOOKOUTNA!

Das wassup.


PS You can read more about this amazing man, and the program that Vi Higgensen runs that pulls kids off the streets of Harlem and gives them top-notch musical training by going to Gospel for Teens Website or checking out the CBS “60 Minutes” feature on this program.